During the government’s formulation of policies, they have resolved to spread prosperity across the regions of the country, aiming for each region to develop a more secure center in their respective areas. The first targeted area was the Eastern Seaboard sub region of Thailand due to its existing potential. The policies were made to stimulate the economy through the expansion of production base for both the industry and employment, including the promotion of business, trade, and tourism services; therefore, making the region both self-reliant, as well as playing a key role in Thailand’s economic growth

    Consequently, the government had to accelerate the development of infrastructure and other services such as production and personnel development in order to meet local needs, moving the region progressively towards an increase in the capabilities of the labor force for better effectivity in high-performance working environments. All of which were necessary for the Eastern Seaboard Development Project to persist and to accomplish the objectives created to reach the goals set for regional and national development.

    Giving consideration to the current circumstances, the potential and preparedness paired with a reliable academic management dedicated to a responsibility towards the educational system and national progress had paved a way for furthering the development of the Eastern Seaboard sub region within the existing scope of obligations of Kasetsart University. It was done so through the establishment of the Faculty of Management Sciences in Sriracha Campus. The faculty was then categorized as an institution of higher learning that can expand educational opportunities to establish various economic zones in the Eastern Seaboard sub region and other parts of the country through high-level manpower planning that supports the strengthening of academic research and the development of business in various fields. The fields included were public administration, transportation management, and other fields that are in-demand, specifically those from the regional and national production base or the main economic sector.

    After the implementation and approval of the plan, the Faculty of Management Sciences was included in the development plan as a higher education on phase 7 as a community college in 1996. Although regarded as a new government establishment, due to it being an institution of higher-learning, it had been decided that it will expand from a community college to Sriracha Campus. The University Council of Kasetsart University had approved the relocation of the Faculty of Management Sciences during the 3rd meeting of 1999 held on the 15th of March 1999 with the Faculty of Management Sciences becoming an internal unit at the Faculty Rank. With the goal to support high school graduates coming from around the country and provide educational opportunities to the Eastern Seaboard area. In the academic year 1996 the first batch of students were welcomed by the Faculty of Management Sciences under the fields of Management, Marketing, and Hotel Management with the commencement of academic activities held on 11th of June 1996, aiming to produce graduates that have proper expertise in the field of management— an essential factor in all types of business that supports the expansion to meet the demand for labor in the coastal region.