With the realization of roles and responsibilities to create and develop bodies of knowledge in administrative management which indicate and respond to needs of government sector, business sector, and society with responsibility, the Faculty of Management Sciences has consistently produced a number of research studies with government sector and private sector, and has accelerated to create academic work in terms of textbooks and books to pass on knowledge to neighboring society and to accumulate intellectual capital on knowledge base economy for the past 15 years. With the constant practice, the faculty has been awarded and praised as the most active faculty in producing academic textbooks of Kasetsart University. Moreover, the faculty has supported and assisted students to learn from real situations outside classrooms and has prepared them to enter the labor market as human capital resources of the country by encouraging students to participate in activities and academic competitions. As a result, students of the Faculty of Management Sciences have received a number of awards in academic competitions at national level and have been widely recognized for their potentialities and capabilities.    The Faculty of Management Sciences, therefore, has been one of important mechanisms in driving economics and society in the economic geography area of the eastern coast to definite prosperity throughout the years.