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    Undergraduate Regular Program & Undergraduate Special Program

    Department of Business Management
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Management)
    • Every public and private organization need to have a strong, creative and innovative management system utilizing the limited resources for the most profitable outcomes. Those resources comprise human, equipment, and monetary resources, and the advancing information system. Management Studies, therefore, is the preparation of students who have strong interest in any task that involves analyzing, developing and planning general executive works, including any job that requires strong administrative skill. The course also suits those who intend to have their own business.
      1. Project coordinator
      2. Human resource officer
      3. Executive officer
      4. Business communicator
      5. Strategic planner
      6. Other business-related positions
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  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing)
    • Marketing is one of the most significant keys to business. It is the department that plays a major role in creating an organization’s income. Not only in private organizations is marketing important, but also in many non-profit organizations. They, nowadays, also focus on Marketing. Marketing studies cultivate students’ creativity and instruct them to analyze consumer needs and external environments that affect the business, and so they can plan their own business. Besides, the world is currently in the age of information in which purchasers are the most influential factor to any organization. New blood marketing experts must not only be able to develop new products but also to perfectly convey those ideas to the target customers either by advertising, public relations or any integrated special events.
      1. Brand communicator
      2. Retail representative
      3. Key account executive
      4. Marketing officer
      5. Merchandiser
      6. Network managementofficer
      7. Customer marketing officer
      8. Planning & product department officer
      9. Corporate social responsibility department officer
      10. Account executive in advertising agency
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  • Bachelor of Business Administration (International Business)
    • International business administration at present takes a crucial part in the economic system. Foreign investors pay more attention to Thailand market and invest more money in the country. Likewise, Thai entrepreneurs invest more money in the international market. However, managing International Business is elaborate in language, cultural, social, political, governmental and economic contrasts, including differences in business circumstances. Hence, International Business studies aims at delivering bachelors which meet the labor market’s demand and who have knowledge and potentials in international business administration.
      1. Exporter / Importerr
      2. International Trader
      3. Regional / International Marketing Executive
      4. Other business-related positions
      5. Details : The structure of syllabus

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Logistics Management)
    • Logistics is a procedure of managing and controlling business activities especially the flow of business resources from the source of production to the marketplace. Logistics consists of three major elements: facilities location, warehouse and inventory, and transportation. Logistics management is mainly developed from delivering of products which later expanded into warehousing, freighting, and supplying goods internationally. Subsequently, logistics involves pre-production process such as providing materials and stocking. Logistics management studies is now considered to be very favorable and needed in business career. The professions in this field of work are, for instance, logistics officer, import/export officer, logistics manager and warehouse manager.
      1. Procurement Officer
      2. Production Planner
      3. Material Planner
      4. Custom Clearance Officert
      5. Customer Service agent
      6. Logistics Officer
      7. Logistics Analyst
      8. Supply Chain Officer
      9. Supply Chain Analyst
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  • Department of Service Industry
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Hotel and Tourism Management)
    • Tourism is a type of service industry that makes enormous fortune in Thailand. It helps create a high level of employment which includes hotel jobs, travel companies, restaurants, souvenir stores, transportation services and catering services. Similar to other kinds of businesses, Hotel and Tourism business needs to be well-managed in terms of personnel, material and budget. Fluent language skills and service potentials are required, including abilities to analyze projects, to search for qualified personnel and to excellently allocate an investment budget. Hence, Hotel and Tourism Management Studies emphasizes on teaching students to beneficially apply their business administration knowledge and their practical experiences from internship to the management of hotel and tourism.
      1. Customer service in hotel and accommodation business
      2. Travel agency
      3. Tour guide
      4. Airline business: ground service, flight service
      5. Spa business
      6. Details : The structure of syllabus

  • Department of Finance and Accounting
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Managerial Accounting)
    • Managerial accounting possesses an essential function in helping managing both public and private organizations. The major responsibilities are concerned with analyzing accounting information for profile and management, and presenting company’s reliable financial reports which are used for the administration in an organization. It properly provides an administrator the basis in planning, directing, controlling and making business decisions. Managerial accounting provides qualified accountants and auditors with both theoretical and practical accounting potentials which take significant part in managing and presenting information for an organization’s decisions.
      1. Bookkeeper
      2. Certified Public Accountant
      3. Internal auditor
      4. Account Specialist
      5. Auditors
      6. Budget Analysts
      7. Financial Accountant
      8. Management Accountant
      9. Tax Accountant
      10. Cost Accountant
      11. Details : The structure of syllabus

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance and investment)
    • Finance plays a significant role in every business organization. It is mainly about raising, managing and allocating monetary resources to each department in the organization in order to make them accomplish their purposeful functions. For this reason, it is such a great challenge for financiers when planning and analyzing any financial projects to manage assets and investments in the current uncertain situations for the most beneficial profits.
      1. Financial officer
      2. Broker
      3. Banker
      4. Financial advisor
      5. Fund manager
      6. Details : The structure of syllabus

  • Graduate (Regular Program) & Graduate (Special Program)

  • Master of Business Administration Program in Industrial Administration and Development